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Collegiate Guidance

We provide the top resources, acclaimed professional input and the most accurate information to assist in finding your best all around collegiate fit

Player Evaluation

The best scouts in the game, led by the scout who signed Mike Trout, evaluate your baseball skills and tools

Athletic Guidance

We help you navigate the costly showcase, camp and edited video world of athletic recruitment

What we provide

Scholarship Deep Dive

Elite guidance will help ensure you are moving towards your personal academic goals, increasing your probability of admission into your desired college(s). You will be guided through the common app/individualized application process, the FAFSA (financial aid filing) process and clearinghouse process, so you don’t have to rely on your well intentioned, overburdened and overworked school counselor.

Yes or No, Coach?

We will provide your personalized academic and financial aid fact sheet to prospective baseball coaches at your specific school(s) of interest. This should expedite the coach’s decision on you, as they will have all relevant information about you when it comes to non baseball matters at their specific school. Their decision can then be made quicker and easier.

Application Essay Guidance

High school teachers and counselors are more inundated than ever. They are instructing and counseling (both in person and virtually), while trying to help students craft powerful collegiate entrance essays. The same teachers and counselors are then tasked with giving each applicant their full attention and effort as they try to navigate 100 individualized essay topics, themes, proper structure and grammar, then asked to oversee multiple revisions, edits and corrections. Now more than ever, these essays are a vital part of your admissions process.

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What People say about us

"I've known Greg Morhardt for over 25 years and without a doubt he is the best talent evaluator I have ever been around and he is an exceptional teacher of the game. The Trout family has always been very impressed with Greg's baseball knowledge and insight!"

Jeff Trout
Father of Mike Trout

“I’ve have known Marc for well over 30 years. My association with Marc and his teams have led us to recruit some very special young men, who have impacted our programs at Presbyterian, Clemson and Vanderbilt. Marc is a very astute evaluator of baseball and personal skill. Because of his experience and background at the upper levels of baseball, he can assess a young man’s ability with honesty and help move that student-athlete into an environment that fits." 

Tim Corbin
Head Coach, Vanderbilt

About us

Selecting the right college is time consuming, pressure-filled, and fraught with confusion. For families looking for top academic options and/or student athletes seeking to continue their career at the collegiate level, the process is even more difficult.

Elite Guidance has a simple and genuine approach to the collegiate guidance process. We provide honest and accurate information along with top available resources to assist you and your family in determining and selecting your ideal collegiate environment.

Elite Guidance features passionate, and most importantly, qualified individuals at the forefront of their fields. This Elite team was created to advise, guide and support each unique client. We don’t utilize fear, we use facts.